Trip to Singharaja Forest for the Day

Explore the Sinharaja forest reserve, a UNESCO world heritage site and last remaining virgin rain forest of Sri Lanka, on a day trip to from your destination of stay and witness its stunning and rich biodiversity of flora and fauna among flocks of birds.


  • Enjoy the surroundings of the forest by trekking through scenic paths, beautiful waterfalls and shimmering streams
  • You can learn the composition of trees, shrubs and foliage that make up this stunning forest
  • Catch glimpses of various wildlife among a myriad of species of birds
  • Apart from birds and wildlife, you can witness butterflies, reptiles and more


A day trip to the Sinharaja Forest from your destination of stay, in which you would leave after breakfast early morning and return back to your destination in the evening.
Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka’s primary and only remaining virgin rainforest, declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site, provides for the perfect place for all nature lovers. Having been designated as a world biosphere, it is an expansive area rich in biodiversity of flora and fauna, trees, endemic species of mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and more. Since the vegetation of the forest is very dense, there is not much wildlife except for a few elephants and leopards which are very rare to see.
Engage in trekking excursions through the forest which will cover all the main attractions within the forest. Since Sinharaja is a bird’s paradise with many species of birds, you can enjoy bird watching seeing various birds such as the Jungle Fowl (the National bird) the Spur Fowl, the Sri Lanka Blue Magpie and the Ceylon White-headed, Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon, Sri Lankan white-headed starling, and the Red-faced Malkoha and butterflies. Along the trails, you would encounter majestic mountain peaks and stunning waterfalls enabling you to enjoy a quick swim in its natural pools.
Stop for lunch at a local restaurant.
After lunch, you will begin a trail through the village to encounter more species of birds such as parakeets, mynahs, starlings and more.