Kaudulla National Park Safari

Located in the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, a safari through Kaudulla national park offers an array of opportunities for visitors to discover magnificent elephants in their natural environments which is indeed a wildlife spectacle. There are other species of wildlife that can be spotted to complete your safari experience through the wild.


  • See mighty elephants roaming in its natural habitat within the park
  • Catch a glimpse of Sambar Deer and leopards
  • The Kaudulla National Park makes up the elephant corridor along with Minneriya National Park and Hurulu Eco Park
  • Around 160 different species of birds are also spotted within the Kaudulla National Park


Located 190 kilometres away from Colombo, the Kaudulla National Park spreads out over an expanse of 6900 hectares. This national park is connected to three other national parks as it borders the Minneriya and Wasgamuwa national parks to the south and Somawathiya National park to the east. In the year 2002, this park was declared as a national park. Approximately two-thirds of the park is covered by water during most of the months and this water is collected in the Kaudulla Tank which is an important attraction within the park. The remaining part of land comprises of grasslands and scrubby forest areas. While this park is mostly famous for elephants, it is home to many other species such as the Sambar Deer, Sri Lankan Axis Deer, Chevrotain, Wild Boar, Leopard and Sloth Bear. 23 species of mammals and 160 species of birds such as the Peacock, Eafle, Giant Eagle, Spot-billed Pelican, Lesser Adjutant also reside at the park. The Kaudulla National Park, along with the Minneriya National Park and Hurulu Eco Park makes up the elephant corridor which is another prominent feature.
Safari – A safari around the national park of Kaudulla will give you an opportunity to witness a compilation of different features found in different national parks of Sri Lanka at a comparatively smaller area. The Kaudulla National Park has a variety of animals within the boundaries of the park. In terms of elephants, around 211 individual elephants were identified within the park in the year of 2008. Other wild animals such as Sambar Deer, Sri Lankan Axis Deer, Chevrotain, Wild boar, Leopard, and Sloth Bear can also be spotted. In total there are around 23 different types of mammals that have been identified within the park and a rare chance would be to sight a leopard.
In terms of birdlife, around 160 different species of birds are also spotted within the Kaudulla National Park. These birds range from the Peacock, Eagle and Giant Eagle that is hereditary to Sri Lanka to birds such as Spot-billed Pelican, Lesser Adjutant, Asian Spoonbill, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Black-headed Ibis, Painted Stork and Openbill Stork.
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Camping-If you are a wildlife enthusiast with a desire to witness wildlife in their own habitat, then camping at the Kaudulla National Park is the great spot. These camps include all the necessary facilities for you to enjoy a great camping experience. There are chairs, table, showers, hammocks and even a kitchen. At night you have the opportunity to light up a small bonfire and enjoy a barbeque. All you have to do is to let loose and enjoy yourself while the staff caters to your needs.