Things to do in Sigiriya

Atop Sigiriya Rock Fortress, looming over 600 feet, you have a man made marvel beneath your feet, all with breathtaking views. After all, it was once a royal way of life.

A foretime a capital and citadel Sigiriya once was now bears world heritage for its curious history and fascinating engineering prowess of city planning. Loll along some of the world’s oldest and finest landscaped gardens and transverse through exceptional features such as the Mirror Wall , so highly polished this was and centuries-old graffiti with interesting tales. Discover colourful frescoes of damsels which once adorned the western side of Sigiriya Rock or ‘Lion Rock’ named when once a huge sphinx-like lion sat guarding the gateway to higher ground.

Apart from history and legend, a novelty to be experienced is the breathtaking views of the Island’s landscapes around it from the top. Climb up Sigiriya Rock and see the surrounding vistas unfold as seen by many visitors, and so many centuries ago through the eyes of a king.

Explore Sigiriya for all of its natural beauty and glory, its towering rock and fortress that have brought international recognition and fame being one of Sri Lanka’s most phenomenal attractions and a World Heritage Site. Entrance Fee for Foreign Nationals is USD $30. Try to go early in the day to avoid the intense heat and sun or late afternoon if you would like to view the gorgeous sunset. Take plenty of water and there are water gallons for refilling at various stops.