Things to do in Bundala

Situated 245 kilometres southeast of Colombo, Bundala National Park is internationally known for being a home to a variety of migratory water birds of which Greater Flamingos are a highlight. The national park is home to around 200 species of birds of which 58 are migratory birds while 32 species of mammals have also been identified. Estuarine and Mugger Crocodiles are also abundant at the national park while Turtles laying eggs in the beach during the night time is a breath-taking site.
In terms of its topography, the Bundala national Park consists of dry thorny scrublands and brackish lagoons while herbs are identified as the most abundant plant. Among these five lagoons within the park, three of them are almost entirely developed as salterns for salt production.
In 2005, Bundala national Park was named as the fourth biosphere reserve by UNESCO while Bundala is also the first site to be recognised under the RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands of Sri Lanka.