Things to do in Wilpattu

Situated in the North-West region of Sri Lanka, Wilpattu National Park is the largest national park of Sri Lanka. The park spanning over an area of 131,693 hectares is renowned worldwide as a place with one of the largest densities of leopards. A camera survey conducted in October 2015, identified 50 different leopards roaming the grounds of the Wilpattu National Park.
Ranging at a geographical height of 0 – 152 metres from the sea level, approximately only 25% of the park is accessible to the general public while the remaining 75% of the land within the park is covered with dense forests and scrubs. However, the accessible part of the park consists of a good network of gravel roads which increase the chances of spotting wildlife in the park. The most recommendable period to visit the park ranges between the months of February and October where comparatively higher wildlife activities can be spotted.