Things to do in Wasgamuwa

Situated 225 km away from Colombo, the Wasgamuwa National Park is one of the best locations in Sri Lanka to witness the wildlife. Together with the large herds of around 150 elephants and around 143 reported species of birds, the Wasgamuwa National Park guarantees a total experience in a single national park. In addition to the fauna within Wasgamuwa, the park is also of great importance in terms of important archaeological valuables. The Buduruwayaya Archeological Site which is such a venue contains some mind-blowing remains of ancient Sri Lankan constructions such as a reclining Buddha statue and Dagabas. In regard to the topography of the park, it is mostly a tropical dry evergreen forest which is mostly compromised of tall trees. The altitude of the park also ranges from just 76 meters at the river basins to 500 meters at the Sudu Kanda hill.