Things to do in Mannar

Where migrant birds flock and fishing villages come alive with donkeys aplenty creating a distinct identity of its own.
Mannar, an off the beaten track that takes you places with adventure and wonderment seeing mighty birds of all types and colours, charming little fishing villages yielding the best seafood catches with pride, an old fort reflecting colonialism, fascinating donkeys swaying all over town, colourful Hindu kovils, Buddhist temples, sacred Catholic churches and unusual giant baobab trees. Mannar has plenty to offer every traveller.
The mythical bridge connecting Mannar Island to India is of legend with amazing sandy lands that have been noted for its natural beauty and serenity. Giant’s Tank, one of the island’s largest reservoirs, irrigates water to all the paddy fields of Mannar and as well as the rest of the island. It is also a sanctuary for birds.
Catholics of Sri Lanka revere the most sacred shrine of Madhu or St. Mary’s church for its blessings of healing, solace and refuge. The Thiruketheeswaram Kovil, sacred to the Tami Hindus, dedicated to Lord Shiva comes alive during the celebrated Maha Sivaratri festival and has a deep history linking to early merchant traders of South India.
Blessed with many attractions, Mannar which was once isolated during the long civil war is now a bustling tourist destination.