Things to do in Kumana

Situated adjacent to the east border of the Yala National Park, Kumana is a haven for the bird watchers from around the world. With a variety of around 430 different species of birds, the Kumana National Park is mostly renowned as the best location to spot birdlife in Sri Lanka. In addition to that, Kumana is also home to several other animals such as leopards, elephants, crocodiles, turtles, white cobras and wild buffalos. Spanning over 18,148 hectares, the park is bordered by the Kumbukkan river to the west and the south-eastern coast to the South. Scattered around the national park are more than 20 water pools which provide great spots for spotting wildlife in its most natural habitats. When compared to Yala, Kumana national park is much less congested with people and hence will provide you a very calm experience of the wildlife activities.