Things to do in Gal Oya

Gal Oya National Park, a hidden gem in the south east of Sri Lanka, where the green meets the blue and the giants! An only park which enables you to enjoy its abundant beauty and wildlife, especially swimming elephants by boat safari. This National park has a diverse landscape which is beyond breathtaking with mountains, waterfalls, man-made lake all surrounded by untouched jungle where the wild roam free. Witness swimming elephants between August and December and birdwatchers may enjoy the many birds that flock to this area from January to May. The man made reservoir has tiny islands scattered where elephants swim from one to another which is a rare sight.
Spreading over an area of 25,900 hectares, the Gal Oya National Park was established in the year of 1954. This park is the main catchment area out of the four catchment areas which were developed to protect the Senanayake Samudraya (reservoir). The park has a great variety of wild animals and birdlife as the park has a great diversity of its topography. Around 45% of the land at the park is covered with evergreen forests while 33% is covered with savanna, 9% with grasslands, 2% with chena cultivation and the rest is covered with water tanks. In terms of the wildlife and the birdlife, the most anticipated animals are the Common Langur, Endemic Toque Macaque, Leopard Sloth Bear, Elephant, Wild Boar, Deer and Water Buffalo while the most anticipated birds are the Lesser Adjutant, Spot-billed Pelican, Red-faced Malkoha, Indian Cormorant, Oriental Darter and Grey Heron.