Colombo Airport Security Procedures

Security updates for passengers arriving to Colombo at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA)

Here are some helpful instructions for our valuable visitors to make their journey safe and enjoyable.

  • We warmly welcome you to the island of Sri Lanka, well known for its beauty, diversity and exceptional hospitality.
  • According to interim security rules and regulations, no person is allowed to wait in the arrival lounge of the BIA.
  • Outside of the arrival lounge, you will be directed by security personnel to the exit gate, at which point a representative from our company will hold a name board with the given name to visitors who have organized their tour, transfer or hotel with us.
  • If you are a visitor travelling on your own, we advise you to use the officially cleared taxi services in the arrival lounge premises.
  • As per the new security protocols all passengers will be escorted out of the airport by a shuttle service. We advise you to have your valuables in your possession at all times.
  • It is advisable for our visitors to avoid public transport from and to the airport due to reasons of limited services and related inconveniences until further notice.
  • In the rare event of curfew being imposed on arrival, airport authorities will issue your curfew pass enabling you to leave the airport hassle-free.

For further security assistance you may contact the Tourism Police from the following number +94 112 421 052 or dial 119 for any case of emergency.

We also recommend you to get your local phone connection from the arrival lounge which is more reliable and possibly cheaper for locally-made calls as opposed to your roaming service.

It is our pleasure to provide an enjoyable stay in Sri Lanka for you and hope that you will be satisfied with the remarkable hospitality and high level of service.

Security updates for passengers for departure from Colombo at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA)

Extra security measures have been recently introduced for those making departures from the BIA. Here are some helpful instructions for our valuable passengers to make their departure easy and hassle-free.

  • Officials at Bandaranaike International Airport have requested all departure passengers to be present at the airport at least 4 hours ahead of time of departure. Online check in passengers and those who do not have to drop off baggage are advised to follow the same instructions due to delays caused by extra security checks.
  • All passengers and vehicles are thoroughly checked at the airport premises, and this has understandably caused long queues, so we advise passengers to expect the process of entering the airport to take approx 30-60 mnts.
  • To ensure a quick, easy and hassle free security inspection process, it is advisable to keep vehicles tidy with main luggage at the back and carry-on luggage with them. Have your passport and air ticket ready in your hands as you walk towards the security check. Once through with security, there will be no difficulties. Passengers are requested to exit from the vehicles approx 100m before the departure terminal and take their luggage. Trolleys are placed at this point for your convenience.
  • All luggage will be scanned and if security personnel do find anything suspicious please bear with them if they do request to check further. Please note that such procedure is not very different compared to the processes you may experience in most countries around the world.
  • We hope you would remember our country with fond memories and do come back to Sri Lanka again in the future.

Thank you! Have a safe flight.