About Us

EPIC Sri Lanka Holidays is synonymous with quality and reliability for travel in Sri Lanka. We are a Tour Operator for Sri Lanka as well as Sri Lanka-Maldives combined tours. We specialise in both pre-packaged and tailor-made holidays, designing journeys based on our travel expertise and ground knowledge.

Our belief is that there is no other land on this earth as amazingly diverse as Sri Lanka, offering within a mere 65,000 square kilometres all of beaches, some golden and some white sandy, beautiful panoramic hill country with lakes and scenic waterfalls, cultural triangle with remnants of over 2500 years past, virgin forests of unimaginable beauty and wildlife parks home to Leopard, bear and Elephant among hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles and birdlife. Sri Lanka’s oceans swell with Blue Whales, boast of some gorgeous reefs and has some great surf on its various coasts. Sri Lanka is a land of the most unique dance, crafts and artistry, the land of gems and tea, the land of the aborigines, the Vedda; a tropical island with smiles as bright as its 365 days of sunshine. This website is a dedication to amazing, soulful, beautiful Sri Lanka.

Our aim is to showcase this diversity to the world and create experiential holidays that fit the traveller’s budget and interests. We take pride in our destination expertise and continue to invest in building insights, using everyday realities of Sri Lankan lifestyles to deliver a sense of theatre, wonder and discovery to our global travellers. Our tour consultants will guide you to create a Sri Lanka vacation plan incorporating your choice of where to go, places to visit and best things to do in Sri Lanka.

Whether you’re planning a cultural experience that highlights historic places in Sri Lanka or you have wildlife photography on your mind; if to be lost in pristine Sri Lanka beaches is what you seek or an adventure tour in the hill country, it is our pursuit to offer you utmost quality of information and service delivery at each stage of your trip.