Sri Lanka welcomes back tourists from 1st August 2020

Sri Lanka has emerged among the safest places for post-covid19 travel and plans to welcome back tourists starting from 1st August 2020, having introduced a number of safety guidelines and procedures to facilitate inbound travel. The country has flattened its covid curve successfully due to timely measures taken by the Sri Lankan government, and no active cases within the community have been identified over the last 45 days.

As Sri Lanka prepares to reopen its border for tourism we at Epic Sri Lanka Holidays are also ready! We have equipped our operation teams, guides, chauffeurs and ground management teams with new health and safety training and practices which will enable us to tick off most of your safety considerations as you plan your post covid travel.
For your own safety and those travelling and meeting with you during the tour, below are the minimum requirements you will need to meet to visit Sri Lanka per the government’s recent guidelines.

  • A minimum 5-night’s stay in Sri Lanka is a new requirement to ensure easier contact tracing if required.
  • Negative PCR test result is required, taken no earlier than 72 hours prior to boarding your flight, and another PCR test will be taken once arriving at the Colombo airport.
  • Electronic visa application will commence, visa will be issued for 30 days, and 6-month extension is allowed. Cost of Visit Visa initially announced at $100 (to include free PCR test on arrival) has been later revised down to $35.
  • Quarantine is not needed, however if it is a positive PCR case a selected hospital or hotel will be organized depending on the details of the case, for up to 14 or 21 days if symptoms are detected.

As the world slowly emerges out of lockdown, travel plans will change according to the “new normal” in relation to the knowledge we now have of the pandemic and working around it. We at Epic Sri Lanka Holidays are working to make sure that you are comfortable with travelling post COVID; visiting less crowded destinations and opting for traveling and accommodation that is safe and sustainable.

  • Away from the crowds
    A visit to Sri Lanka, given the nature of its natural land mass and habitats is in any event rewarding. Apart from a few crowded cities and towns, most of the destination is a rich tapestry of rural lifestyles, agricultural lands, tea plantations, beaches, endless mountains, valleys, forestland, and wildlife parks. While we will enable you to cover your bucket list, our itineraries will mainly focus on taking you away from the crowds, into the hills or absolute peace and tranquility.
  • Accommodation that is safe and clean
    Epic Sri Lanka Holidays will partner with hotels, bungalows that follow strict protocols and guidelines when it comes to cleanliness and safety. Temperature checks, proper sanitization, social distancing guidelines implemented in public area as well as staff training on least-contact service are all considerations that have been made.
  • Chauffeur Health Guidelines
    Epic Sri Lanka Holidays team of skilled guides and chauffeurs will follow our new safety guidelines responsibly. There will be no physical contact between guests and guides during the tour. Face masks, gloves and safety kits will be a part of the new normal. All our crew members are required to have a negative PCR test before receiving guests.
  • We are more than ready to welcome you
    We will be with you every step in the way of locating the destination, gathering information to planning a tour for you – it is all in the little details. Our job is to make travelling easier for you and our team will ensure that you have everything you need.