Sri Lanka receives WTTC safe travels stamp

Sri Lanka has marked its name as a “Safe travel destination’’ by being listed among the latest destinations that are entitled to use the world’s first-ever global safety and hygiene stamp, launched by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). While being affected by the Corona Virus earlier this year, and country and its government reacted quickly taking proactive measures enabling the community spread to be curtailed to a minimal and the death toll to be restricted to 11. The WTTC has identified Sri Lanka as a safe travel destination, together with a few other countries from around the world which have successfully limited the impact of the global pandemic and implemented comprehensive standardized global health & hygiene protocols. The WTTC aims to rebuild consumer confidence by creating a safe environment to travelers also making sure to sustain the travel sector that entirely runs on the income made by tourism. The widespread impact of the pandemic on the global travel sector is likely to continue over the next 2 years, with choices of destination, food and travel experiences being restricted if nothing else by lower disposable incomes and continued security concerns. However being certified as a safe place to visit, gives the Sri Lankan tourism industry hope and gives the destination a much needed boost in awareness on a global platform.